System Mechanic Professional Review

As time goes by, it is noticeable that most computers cease to function at their optimum level. Internet speed goes down, system crashes become evident, and there are occasional lags in overall performance. A lot of programs nowadays are designed to address specific areas that affect the machine’s functioning. A particular software that targets not just one, but most of those areas is the System Mechanic Pro.


Manufactured by Iolo Technologies, System Mechanic Pro is an all- around tool which provides protection and optimizes performance of Windows- based devices. It takes care of tasks to ensure that computers are running efficiently, basically cleaning clutters, protection from malwares and viruses, registry cleaning, file recovery, memory defragmentation, and PC acceleration.

SMP offers a broad range of services which aim to enhance and boost computer function. It consists of 5 Power Tools to manage certain issues with just a click of a button. The PC Accelerator aims to enhance performance through defragmenting registry and memory, as well as optimizing system drives. The PC Repair corrects errors that lead to crashes and system failures. Meanwhile, the PC Cleanup tool frees up disk space by deleting temporary and unnecessary files. The PC Security option addresses security and safety issues, including protection from identity theft, malwares, and spywares. On the other hand, the PC Total Care button provides all these 4 services in just one click.

In addition to the Power Tools, users may take advantage of the individual tools if they opt to enhance a specific function. Not only they can defragment the hard drive, RAM, and registry using these tools, but they can also optimize internet settings, configure startup, manage add ons, prevent dangerous programs from starting, schedule maintenance, and recover deleted files.

Easy of Use

As for the ease of use, the product is relatively easy to install. The setup of the tools is configured in such a way that the user has absolute control over the software’s performance. The downside, however, is that the user will be required to uninstall existing anti- malware or antivirus as it may conflict with the SMP’s built- in Antivirus.

Help & Support

In terms of support system, Iolo Technologies is kind of lacking. Sure there is a knowledgebase and Support Center for ticket submissions, plus threat and program databases to search for different viruses, malwares, and programs. However, an FAQ section is missing. While there is a library for latest researches as well as a Press Releases section, there are no links for more helpful articles, guides for technical issues, video tutorials, or a forum.


System Mechanic Pro runs only on Windows platforms, particularly Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. It requires at least 256 MB of RAM, 120 MB free hard drive space, Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, and an internet connection for software activation.


Normally, System Mechanic Professional version retails at $69.95, but a special promo at the official website sells the product for only $59.95, whereas the Standard version retails at $49.95. A trial version is also available for download.


As for the verdict, Iolo’s System Mechanic Pro is not really a must- have, but it’s certainly a decent program that is well worth the price. While different programs can be installed separately to do the things SMP is ought to do, having this tool can really save some time and money. However, there are two major problems with SMP. First, it works only on Windows; and second, it is not suited for those individuals who don’t want to get rid of their current Antivirus and those who prefer to install different programs individually. But for users who would like to have their PC maintenance needs covered in a single package, then SMP is definitely worth a try.

Screenshots of System Mechanic Professional

One Response to “System Mechanic Professional Review”

  1. dave cochran says:

    if system mechanic is so great why then do i continue to have virus and crashes on my computer–couldn’t download it when i bought it–called they said to many viruses would have to purchase Iolo for $99.00 to correct all problems on line before i could download it—did then had trouble with it crashing–freezing–viruses– seems like every two weeks—again iolo said i could purchase a yearly computer fix for $149.95 did– and have had to use them four times now because of computer problems—what do you think is wrong??? did Iolo do me wrong or was it System mechanic—if i didn’t have online repair i purched i would be taking my computer in to have it worked on all the time—can you help me solve this– Never had this trouble until System Mechanic was installed—-no crashes or virus trouble–if i didn’t have online repaire i would have to take computer in to be worked on and i couldn’t afford to do this—- before i even think of renewing System Mechanic again i’d like to hear from you. And why did i have to purchase Iolo when System Mechanic says it can repaire it buy using this system????
    than you for reading this complant.

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